Music theory workbooks in eleven levels for violin, viola, cello, and bass


“When looking for a theory text that will engage young performers, three things are essential:
1) an encouraging and positive tone; 2) the utmost clarity; and 3) pedagogical efficiency.
For the first time I see all three of these goals realized in Celine Gietzen's comprehensive series.  These volumes will help create more knowledgeable and committed performers.”    
    —Dr. Robert S. Winter, Distinguished Professor of Music
    Presidential Chair in Music and Interactive Arts, UCLA


“Finally, a text that clarifies the purpose behind the study of music theory: to facilitate technical progress and enhance musicality.  These editions are beautifully crafted.”
    —Antonio Lysy, Professor of Cello and Head of Strings Department, UCLA


“This comprehensive theory method for string students is something we've needed for some time.”    —Dr. Lauren Deutsch, D.M.A., Violinist and Teacher


“I just don't have time to include all of this material in a private lesson.  These books are an invaluable resource for string teachers.”   —Amy Hagen, Music Director, Ojai Youth Symphony


“It was really helpful to see the terms explained.  Now I know what they mean when I see them in my music.”  —Camryn Russon, age 12


“The Level 4 book has taught me a lot.  The explanation of intervals helped me finally understand it!”   —Laura Gurney, age 13


“Having had little to no formal music schooling, I thought realizing my dream of playing the cello at age 46 was daunting at best.  Core Music Theory is written with such clarity of language, depth of knowledge, and precision of pedagogy that I feel completely empowered to aspire!  Ms. Gietzen doesn't just know music, she knows how to teach it.  Structured to scaffold and bridge any gap in or lack of musical training, these books are the best ones I've found for anyone seeking to learn the language of music.”   —Sharon Davis, cardiac nurse


“The books really helped me understand the different parts of music, and the meaning of all the symbols and words related to music. They are well organized and use acronyms and other types of word play to help with memorization of the material. I especially found that the quizzes at the end of each section and chapter were extremely helpful for remembering everything I had previously learned. These books helped me improve my theory skills tremendously and helped me retain all the information as well.”   —Arielle Buchanan, age 14



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